Laboratory's Analysis

Referring to the SIBA manual (Society of Indipendent Brewers), page 9, "Minimum Standard":

  • Bacterial count - Cask beers should ideally not contain more than 5000 colony forming units (cfu) per ml (excluding culture yeast) when dispatched from the brewery. Lactobacillus or wild yeast should be below 1,000 cfu per ml. Products containing greater than 100,000 cfu per ml in total should not be considered suitable for dispatch as they are unlikely to attain any reasonable shelf-life expectancy. Beers which are sterile filtered or pasteurised should contain zero cfu per ml after packaging.
Blonde batch 9
Blonde batch 8

Here you can find the water analysis:

Cold Water (implant inlet)
Hot Water (implant outlet)

It is clear the extreme quality level we can guarantee to our customers.


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